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Understanding How We Build Relationships

What happens the 1st time we meet and interact?  

Your first interaction with us might be an email, or during a casual conversation in a social or business setting where we might exchange cards and/or contact information.  Based on this interaction we will add you to our email list. Our email list is designed to open our communication channel and it provides an easy way to stay in contact.  If you want to unsubscribe, obviously we want you to feel free to do so and will not send you emails in the future.  

Here is a flowchart of the steps some new relationships will experience.

What happens when we talk (Phone/In Person) for the 1st time?

The first time we talk our goal is to introduce ourselves and get to know each other. You can ask us any questions you have to help you ascertain whether what we do can help you solve a problem or explore an opportunity you might encounter for your retirement.  We understand that trust is at the core of a client relationship and this takes time.  We will strive to never make you feel rushed into a decision that you are not completely educated on, understand, and are ready to make. For some of our clients, this introduction phase is two months, while for others it is two years. We are good with both.

What if I am not ready to invest with you but would still like to start working with you?

We make this very simple and it does not cost you anything.  We have a program called Blueleaf.  This allows investors to connect investment accounts (i.e. 401(k), IRAs, brokerage accounts, etc.) from different firms.  You can analyze, review, and track all your investments in one place.  Plus, you can leverage a CFP® to give you completely unbiased suggestions and points to consider.  We do this for free because we consider this part of the introduction phase.  For some investors, we may not be a good fit, while others might use us at some point in the future.  In either case, getting organized and seeing all your investments in one report can be incredibly helpful to any investor!

Do you do Financial Planning?

Yes.  We use a program called RightCapital.  This is an online tool that is very simple to use but also provides insights and helps manage risks you might encounter when it comes to retiring successfully.  They use a six-step process to enter the data needed to provide you with a report you can understand. One of the features is the report will provide you with a probability number based on you possibly running out of money in retirement.  As an example, it will take all the data you enter, run 1,000 different scenarios, flat markets, bull markets, bear markets, high inflation, no social security, etc, and provide you with the percentage of times you would not run out of money.   And it allows you to see the ‘what if’ scenarios, and change data points to increase or decrease your probability number.  It is simple, helpful, insightful, and actionable.

What if I decide to transfer an account and have Core Wealth Consultants invest it?

First, you open and fund an account with a 3rd party investment firm, like Scottrade.  After you have opened and funded your Scottrade account, you complete our forms and review Core Wealth Consultants documents such as our ADV II.  We will create a personalized Investment Policy Statement (IPS), Risk Analysis Profile for the specific account you are opening, and we will review with you – in detail – the changes you are making.  This process is designed to ensure you are completely comfortable with your decisions and understand where and how you are investing the funds.  This whole process can take a few weeks to complete.

What happens after I have hired Core Wealth Consultants LLC?

Life happens.  We touch basis with clients on a regular basis.  Sometimes, it is just that, a quick review with no adjustments needed, while other times, life events (marriage, losing a job, retirement, moving, etc.) occur – and we need to make adjustments to the plan.  Our goal is to be a Trusted Advisor for life. So as life happens, you will have someone to collaborate with, ask questions, and/or just get input on the different options available to you and your family.