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Questions You Might Be Meaning to Ask!

Sometimes the main reason you don’t ask questions of someone is because you don’t want to be sold something, or worse, you don’t want to know the answer!  And the less you know about a subject, the more vulnerable we sometimes feel when asking questions.

PlanAssist® will help you get direct answers to your financial questions. Many of the questions below have multiple answers.  And many times there is not a bad answer, it’s just that there might be a better answer if you collaborate with someone who is an expert. Another benefit to PlanAssist® is even if you do not change course on even one decision, you will likely have more confidence when making financial decisions.

The questions below are ones that we have found many people ask themselves…but do not ask a Financial Advisor. PlanAssist® helps get rid of the worry of being sold something; it just gives you the answer(s) and the reasoning behind it. The approach is to educate first and foremost. 

How do I know how my investments are really doing?  And not just ‘are they up when the market is up’?


Do I need to downsize my house (and other expenses) in order to have real financial confidence?


Are my investments aligned with my goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance?


Can you help with prioritization, addressing my risks, and all my ‘to dos’ from a financial perspective?


Should I pay off my student loans before investing?  There are more options than you might think with this question.


How do you know if you’re getting a return that is aligned with the risk you’re taking?


Are you on your second marriage and maybe have kids from both marriages?  Do you have your beneficiaries and contingent beneficiaries set up properly?


If you have money, you have risk.  There are primarily three types of risk you must manage.  They are (1) inflation risk, (2) market risk, and (3) interest rate risk.  Does your investment strategy help you manage all three of these risks?


“I think the market is rigged and I hear these ads on the radio that I can invest in the market without worrying about losing my money.   Can these claims be true?”


Do you trust a family member’s advice more than you should when making investment decisions?


Do you need a trust?  “I went to a seminar and it sounded like a good idea.”


Are you getting conflicting advice from multiple sources that are credible, and is this causing anxiety around what to do and knowing who to trust?


Do you find yourself bouncing from pillar to post, either doing nothing or changing course too often?


Are you taking investment advice from a credible source? Do you listen to the people in your life who care about you and want the best for you, but may not always have the knowledge, tools, and experience to help you with your investments?   Should you take advice from people who are not professional Investment Advisors?


Have you reviewed your Financial Advisor’s background using the government website? BROKERCHECK


Is your Financial Advisor worth what you are paying him/her? No doubt you trust your advisor and that’s a good thing.  But just as with other professional relationships you have, do you know how much you’re actually paying for investment advice?   Is it $5,000, $15,000, or more?  After all, you know what you pay your Tax Professional to prepare your taxes.  Shouldn’t you know what you’re paying your Investment Advisor for investment advice?


Do you do most of your own investing?  Or do you keep your money in cash because you don’t like salespeople, or being sold something?


Did you learn from the last investment mistake you made? And was it an investment mistake or just part of investing?  Losing money on an investment is not always an investment mistake.


What would happen if you were to lose your job tomorrow and couldn’t find another job quickly and be employed again?  What kind of income could you create from your investments?


Is your portfolio prepared for a significant market correction? And if the market continues to appreciate, are you invested properly to take advantage of the upside?


The market’s up, the market’s down!  How do you know if it is time to keep holding on…or time to let go?


Do you think the market is rigged, and you should have most of your money in cash?


Is the creation of an investment strategy on your ‘to-do’ list, and months later remains ‘yet to be done’?


Do you worry about the market? Do you become fearful when there is a selloff?


How do you define ‘success in the market’ anyway?  Gradual growth, immediate profits, long-term rewards, manageable risk?


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