808, 2015

Formula for Investing Successfully

Over the years I have heard and read many different formulas for success in all different areas of life.   I think we are all looking for a simple recipe that will insure our success in staying healthy, succeeding in business, investing, raising children, keeping our marriages strong, and so on.   There is no shortage of these formulas!

Let me share yet another success formula with you.   I was in an entrepreneurial program at the University of Central Florida and one of the Mentors, Jerry Ross, shared his story as a businessman.  He believes there are three things an entrepreneur needs to […]

2807, 2015

How to Quiet the Financial Advice Noise

There is no shortage of financial advice available to us these days.   You hear financial advice on the radio and TV, from financial advisors, your neighbor, or your brother-in-law…and the list goes on.   In some cases, we find it is so overwhelming that people have a tendency to do one of three things:

Block out all the financial advice they hear and only listen to their advisor.
Listen to all of it and then use some of it based on their personal knowledge and feelings about particular investments. Basically they pick and choose or selectively implement some of what they hear.
Lastly, (and […]

2306, 2015

Quick Quiz….on Diversification

Are your investments really diversified?
Do you have a Natural Resource investment?
Do you have Real Estate as an investment class?
Are each of the Nine Style Boxes represented when you look at a portfolio report?
Is your portfolio aligned with your risk tolerance and your investment goals?

These are not “Got Ya” questions, nor are they being asked to make you feel uncomfortable.   If you answered ‘yes’ to each of these questions, it is very likely that either you or your investment advisor are doing two things very well – staying informed and building a diversified portfolio.

Today it’s a pretty simple process to stay […]

306, 2015

Investing Using a Core and Explore Strategy

When I worked at Charles Schwab, we shared this strategy with our clients.  Many of them found it simple to do and helpful.  In some cases the concept was consistent with how they were already investing.  On a personal basis, as both an investor and financial advisor, I have found this strategy to be a powerful wealth building tool – easy to both manage and implement.  Here is a summary of the strategy…

When we start out investing, we might start with a mutual fund in a 401(k) or IRA.   In either case, it is not uncommon for it to be […]

2702, 2015

Being a Conservative Investor (60% Bonds/40% Equity) with a Sense of History

Some of the more eventful periods in history, ones that have had a huge impact on us, seem to have been neglected by the history books and are not remembered nor taught in accordance with their impact.  I believe this is true when it comes to some of the more prominent investment events over the last 100 years. We all know about the stock market crash in 1929. It was both eventful and well reported.   But are you aware of the market crash of 1919?The 1919 stock market crash followed a post war boom and marked the first bursting of […]

2502, 2015

Technology and Changing Investment Paradigms

Changing Investment Paradigms.  Why are you using the same technology you used ten years ago to help you make investment decisions?  Technology has changed everything, including how most investors make those important decisions.No doubt you already leverage technology before you buy a house, a new car, that flat screen TV, or book an airline ticket.  So why not use those same methods to make better decisions regarding your investments?  Core Wealth Consultants uses leading edge technology to help you make wise investment choices, with knowledge and direction.We utilize four specific investment tools in order to:Keep You Informed – We offer […]

1802, 2015

Investment Strategies Should Start With RISK

As you review your investments or make new ones, do you always consider the risk?   Early on in the process of considering an investment, the story (often referred to as ’the emotional part of the decision process’) leads the way.We are fearful we are going to miss something…right? Too many times our investment decisions start with how much money we can or could make. Although this is natural and actually okay – many of my own investment ideas started the same way – the next step in the process is the one I have missed periodically, and to my own […]

902, 2015

Wealth Brings Risk: 3 Risks You Cannot Avoid, But Can Manage

Wealth does indeed bring risk: market risk, inflation risk, and interest rate risk. If you are blessed with wealth you have these three risks. The goal is not to eliminate them because you cannot; the goal is to manage them.BMO Financial Group released a study in June 2013 titled, The Changing Face of Wealth. One of the findings was that two-thirds, or 67 percent, of high-net worth Americans are self-made, earning their wealth mostly on their own. Only three percent attributed their wealth to receiving an inheritance.What I find interesting about this study is that it shows we probably only […]

802, 2015

25 Investment Questions You Have Been Meaning to Ask!

Sometimes the main reason you don’t ask questions of someone is because you don’t want to be sold something.  And the less you know about a subject, the more vulnerable you feel when asking questions!  But these are not good reasons to keep your questions to yourself, because how are we going to learn without asking questions?   I agree that Google is often helpful, but it is generally not personal enough and doesn’t provide a direct response to your question in a way that relates to the individual…to you…rather than a generic response to everyone who is asking.We want to […]

212, 2014

Fidelity’s Gift Trust Fund and Why It Might Be for You

Are you finding that as the year comes to an end, you are getting dozens of requests to give money, but you have no real passion to do so right now? If so, Fidelity has a Gift Trust Fund Account that allows you to make a donation and still have the ability to write it off on your taxes this year. You can then give all or some of the funds away in the future, when you find the right opportunity.I personally started one of these accounts 10 years ago and have found it very easy to both contribute to […]