Analyze Your Investments

A good investment strategy starts and ends with the ability to easily analyze an investor’s investments.  Can you tell how a specific portfolio has done year to date?  How it has performed versus the S&P 500 based on multiple/different time frames?  How it has performed versus other portfolios you might have?  I find most investors cannot answer these simplest of questions, and questions like these are just a start to analyzing a person’s investments.

Why are so many investors still using 20-year old technology to manage their investments today?   Are you one of them?  In my opinion, logging onto your employer’s 401(k) website or getting a monthly statement in the mail does not provide most investors with even the basics needed to analyze his or her investments.    

First, let’s try to address a few of the common reasons I hear why investors do not utilize Blueleaf, a tool that helps investors monitor their investments better — specifically to track, analyze, and review them.

Is it Safe?  Yes, and here is why it is safe. Blueleaf encrypts your login credentials and establishes a secure, read-only connection with your financial institution. Blueleaf can never move or transfer money.

Is it Easy? Yes, Blueleaf works with thousands of financial institutions to update your account information automatically and securely.

Is it Expensive?  No. In fact, it doesn’t cost you anything to sign-up, nor are there any obligations to continue to use it or pay for it in the future.  Cancel anytime and pay nothing!

Now that we have addressed the common objections, let’s take a look at the reasons why you should add an account or two to Blueleaf.  

Simple – The simple and informative platform allows you to see your balances, performance, allocation and holdings information anytime. And everything you add can be seen in one place. It’s quite simply a portal to analyze your investments on your own, with an advisor, or a combination of the two.

Weekly Updates – I know, I know, most of you might be saying that is too much.  And many of my clients said the same thing, but this is one of the features that many of them came to like the best about Blueleaf.   Even though investing needs to be looked at from a long-term perspective, staying aware of short-term swings can and does allow investors to stay more informed, aware, and on top of their portfolio.

Better Decisions – Collaborating with your family and advisor(s). Program settings allow you to control what others have access to and control over.

Track Everything – See all your accounts in one, secure place. Achieve your goals faster by seeing how all of your accounts work together.

Total Transparency – Complete transparency into every single account and investment. See what you’re actually invested in.

what you hold

Get started with Blueleaf today, even if it is with just one of your investment accounts.  Call me at 407-393-5985 or email me at for an invitation.


These are illustrations only and are not intended to be a projection or prediction of current or future performance of any specific product. All financial products have an element of risk and may experience loss. Past performance does not indicate future returns.  Investment Advisory services are offered by Core Wealth Consultants, LLC a Registered Investment Advisor in the States of Florida, Indiana, and Michigan.

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Investors cannot control the market’s direction, up, down or sideways. What they can control are costs, taxes, and the quality and risk of a portfolio. We help clients do this by using technology and our experience in the industry. Cost matters. Taxes make a difference. Aligning quality investments to a person’s risk tolerance and time horizon is important. We help with all four and we make it simple. Timothy Clifford is a CFP® and has been both an investor and an advisor for 25+ years. Using his experience at Charles Schwab, H&R Block, and Ameriprise, he started Core Wealth Consultants in 2012 to help investors invest even better.