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About Core Wealth Consultants

First and foremost, Core Wealth Consultants was built on one simple philosophy — putting our clients first. We know this is said by other organizations but as most of us know, actions speak louder than words. And if you judge us by our actions (along with our rapidly growing client list), we clearly have succeeded in our primary goal.

We started with the basic belief that no one can control the markets. Whether the markets go up, down, or sideways is not something investors can control. Our only certainties are that investors can and should control costs and/or investment expenses, the quality of the investments, the risk a portfolio has, and taxes to some degree.

In order to create an offering where investors are able to control what they can control when it comes to investing, we adopted technology that allows investors to actually see what they are paying, understand the quality of their investments, and ensure the investment risk is aligned with their goals and risk tolerance. We accomplished this by partnering with what we believe to be “best in class” vendors who have helped us to achieve those objectives.

Here are some of them: we work with Scottrade to keep investment costs low, and we utilize Blueleaf to help investors analyze their investments. In addition, Riskalyze provides us with a way to show investors the potential risk associated with an investment and/or a portfolio. These tools and our vendors also provide Core Wealth Consultants investors complete transparency as to what they are invested in, and the costs associated with their investments.

So although many companies claim that their organization is built with clients first in mind, we believe we demonstrate it every day by the way we do things. As we said earlier, you can judge us by our actions..